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We deliver professional, RISK based testing services, and we help our partners to deliver the best of breed quality solutions for their clients, we optimize testing quality and efficiency with our services.

We deliver Results, provide Excellence and celebrate Success Together

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Working with and working at NordicQ – we do things differently.

At NordicQ – We believe in partnerships. We believe in partnerships to deliver the best of breed services and solutions, provided by NordicQ as one single service provider to all our partners and clients.

We provide Test Professionals, Testing Services, Test Automation & Technology for our partners.

How we work

With Our Partners

Step 1

Contact us

Need Test Professionals, Testing Services, Test Automation, full Test Transformation, QA outsourcing or just general information or questions? Contact us, we happily provide more information and see how we can help.

Step 2

Intro / Demo

In this first introduction you will get to know our team, our story, and how we help our partners in optimizing QA & Testing. We would specifically like to understand better where we would be able to help with your endeavours.

Step 3

Initial Plan

When we have all information and requirements, we analyze and provide our bespoke initial plan for your approval on how we can help optimize your process and delivery.

Step 4

Our Offer

After finalizing the initial plan with your feedback into our final plan, we provide you with the detailed offer for your approval.

Step 5

Our Contract

After approval of our offer, we will draw up our contract and detailed statement of work for your approval upon signatures.

Step 6

Our Partnership

Our Partnership may contain provision of Test Resources, Test Automation & Tech Solutions, or even full scale outsourcing or Testing as a Service (SaaS). or any combination of our services. We start our journey together, we start our partnership.

Step 7

Our Success

We deliver results together. We evaluate our processes and our journey together. We celebrate our successes together.

Our team

Meet Our Team

Rob van Geel

Partner Netherlands

Joerg Pietzsch

Partner Switzerland

Finn Geisler

Partner Denmark

Jacob Beyer Norgaard

Partner Denmark


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